Vh1 Hip Hop Honors 2009

It started with the Refugee Camp and it is ongoing with a new era known as Airplay. A group that is not only family but they stem from some of the most well known and respected males in the songs business. Jerry "Wonda" Duplessis, Renel Duplessis and Wyclef Jean are the men that started the motion and Airplay is the continuation of what started out as fantastic and continuing as higher.

One of the driving forces powering the Thunderkatz is their drummer, Juno Sanders. June is no stranger to the songs scene. He started out in nearby bands about the Columbia and Charleston, South Carolina locations as the defeat-maker for Herbus, a rock-option band, and Crush7, a woman-pushed energy rock group. June later joined up with The Astrojet, a band led by Jody Porter (guitarist for Fountains Of Wayne). After a stint with them in New York, Juno (also known as June or Junebug) joined up with 080 and the rest of the Thunderkatz. They've since then relocated to Atlanta and released an EP titled "New Age Hip Hop Rockolistics" under the Wall Street Records label.

The hip hop look frequently includes skulls, greenback signs, the phrase "bling" or the letters "NY" or "LA". Colors are daring, sometimes darkish with bold, bright styles. Graphic tees are very popular on the hip hop scene.

As a Hip Hop enthusiast, I really adore all types of Rom C. Wolf. Down South chopped and screwed with a southern twang, East Coast gritty, West Coast with a contact of funk and all the other kinds in in between. So a defeat track might function down south here but completely flop for an east coast group. So does it mean the beat was weak or worthless?

Conscious rap is named so because it offers with social issues. The lyrics of this kind of music encompasses subjects like the condition and attitude in the direction of rap and hip-hop, religion, African American culture and the daily life of their individuals. Often due to its delicate but deeply involved subjects, it is connected with controversies.

Black Rob: I see the large image. I understand that this is the end sport, brother. Individuals go via lifestyle and don't ever understand the finish game till its correct up on them and they ain't got absolutely nothing to do for it. We planned for the end sport. We're heading to drop two more albums following this 1 and we're going to deliver the troops in. That's the Machiavelli, Sunlight Tzu sh*t n*gga! Come home, build your empire and consider more than-that's it. Now we know about this game. We know what the game has been taking part in on our youth. The great thing for us to do is get this cash and at the exact same time educate these n*ggas how to get it and how to represent. You ain't gotta be a killer to make money with this rap thing, guy, but if you received street cred that's a plus [laughs].

This is a way for these artists to make their cash function for them. It will also benefit them as far as their public image and self expression which they want to give to their fans. With these kinds of ventures it is a way for them to market and sell their clothes. P. Diddy with Sean John, Nelly with Apple Bottoms, Jay-z with Rocawear, 50 Cent with G-Unit and more are all managed by rappers and numerous other labels have developed in appeal as rappers continue to get their names and songs and city wear out into the primary stream exactly where the community is just eating it all up.

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